How it all began

Our Story


Alright, real talk.


Gather really came about from my (it’s Shauna, btw) own selfish needs of wanting to connect with other women in the industry, and also feel a bit better about myself by donating to charity. For real, my initial idea consisted of:

a) fun, low-pressure event where I can make friends, and

b) feel good about where my money was going. 

When I first thought of hosting events in the city, I was like, what the fuck am I doing? I've never hosted events like this before! But I knew some people in tech that knew some other people that knew companies that hosted tech events for free, so that was helpful. I also knew that I was going to need help because I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Luckily I had some great women in mind to bring on board (that’d be Kei and Emily, among a few other kickass ladies). 

Now, Gather has formed into something I couldn’t even have imagined. It’s been welcomed so warmly into the community and we’ve already made a huge difference by raising over $3000 for local nonprofit organizations just from ticket sales alone. Our mission is to create fun, no-pressure events where women in tech can come together as strangers and leave as friends, all while doing good for the community.

We can't wait to see you around!


Shauna Bevacqua

F O U N D E R & O R G A N I Z E R

Hi! I'm Shauna. Some basic information about me is I work at Slack (yes, it's as awesome as you think), I'm the founder of Gather, I have two cats whom I love and cherish, and my favourite TV show is Grace & Frankie.

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Kei Ogasawara

D E S I G N E R & O R G A N I Z E R

Hey! I'm a co-organizer at Gather and UX/UI Designer at Charitable Impact where I get to feed my creative passion. Most days you can find me singing along to my Disney playlist, spooning pints of ice cream, or being your personal Port Moody tour guide. I'm also a firm believer of the oxford comma–fight me.


Emily McLean


Hiya! I’m one of the co-organizers at Gather. I am a Vancouver-based, Fraser-Valley-born-and-raised designer and illustrator. When I’m not submerged in the world of design, I can be found binge-watching Netflix, crying over cute animal videos, or attempting to finish the book I started over a year ago.